Distressed Structures & Underpinning

Building safety and integrity is among our greatest concerns. Whether it’s in a residential, commercial or industrial area, Booth Engineers offers expert services, providing clients with comprehensive specialist advice and investigation reports relating to distressed residential, commercial and industrial structures. Booth Engineers provides underpinning designs and inspections to over 400 structures every year in the south east.

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Using Our Expert Services


Our team offers investigations, designs and onsite inspections relating to distressed dwellings where the underpinning of the structure/dwelling in commonly required for rectification processes. If appropriate, other methods (such as injection methods) would also be considered by this office.

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Site Inspections & Reports

Our site inspectors take their job seriously. We aim to work fast on evaluating every site and investigating signs of distress, no matter how severe they might be. All our clients are also entitled to an accurate and full-length report on distressed buildings and underpinning. Our staff will be available by phone or by email to answer any questions you may have regarding these reports.

QBCC Services

Booth Engineers & Associates are on the panel of investigating engineers for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), ensuring our committment to high quality and structural standards.

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Is your house moving and cracking and how can you fix it? Click here to learn more.

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