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Our Project Assistance service is aimed at assisting our clients through the construction process from start to finish; obtaining relevant quotes from suitable contractors, making sure that quotes have reasonable allowances and expected contingencies, and that all relevant paperwork, inspections and approvals have been catered for during the construction process. A fee proposal for Project Assistance can be provided once a suitable engineering design/scope has been developed for the rectification work that you require (e.g. footing system movement, cracking, underpinning, concrete repair, rusting steel, other damaged structural components, etc…)

The Process

The typical process to completing your structural rectifications is as follows:

The process

How We Help With Project Assist

Once you have contacted Booth Engineers about assisting with your project, we can proceed to carry out our ‘Project Assist’ package and the works for your property.

1. Tender Documentation Prep & Approval

We will prepare the “Invitation to Tender” documents and all the tender conditions, which outline the process of the job. You have the opportunity to review tender documents with the option of seeking legal advice. “Invitation to Tender” will be sent to professional and capable contractors who will provide us with their tenders for evaluation.

2. Evaluation Of Tenders

Once the tender period closes we will prepare an evaluation report for all the tenders documents provided. The evaluation report will be sent to you with our recommendations and you will make the final decision of which contractor to proceed with. Once the decision is made, unsuccessful contractors will be notified and the successful contractor will proceed with the job.

3. Project Begins

We organize a pre-start site meeting so you can meet with us and your selected contractor to clarify any questions you have regarding the project. Inspections are carried out throughout the rectification works to ensure construction complies with the intent of the design/scope. If unforeseen conditions are encountered during the works, you have the experience and knowledge of this office to guide you. We also ensure all relevant certificates of approvals have been finalized before the completion of the project.

4. Project Completion & Handover

We attend a progress meeting/s during construction to ensure the works meet the design/scope intent. Once the work is completed we assist in the site handover process and liaise with you to make payment to the contractor based upon certifications of works carried out. We also provide a final report advising on practical completion and receiving of certification.

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