Water Ingress to Basements and Podium Slabs

Basements are extensively adopted in multi-residential and commercial construction to provide sufficient spaces for parking and services. However, structures partial or fully underground can be challenging to achieve adequate long-term waterproofing, with items such as garden beds and construction joints typically being the most problematic. Long-term rectifications relating to moisture ingress issues typically involve an iterative solution, whereby the most likely causes and rectification strategies would be considered first. With the understanding that other additional rectifications would likely be subject to ongoing monitoring and the success of any previous measures taken. Rectification works are typically a combination of limiting water build up against the building and (positive and/or negative) waterproofing of existing building components.

Booth Engineers can be contacted to assess and investigate any water ingress and associated problems (efflorescence, cracking, concrete cancer/spalling) currently experienced around your property.



  • Efflorescence (white staining on the surface of concrete/masonry)
  • Rust stains
  • Concrete cancer/spalling
  • Mould and algae


  • Positive / negative waterproofing of walls and slabs
  • Crack injection
  • Additional drainage (grated drains, perimeter drains, sump drains, etc…)
  • Removal of garden beds
  • Re-profiling or topping of slabs to achieve falls
  • Larger or additional sump pumps in basement floor
  • Repair and upgrade plumbing

We recommend you contact Booth Engineers and Associates or another suitably qualified professional engineer with experience in assessing and rectifying damaged structures to evaluate your property today.

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