• Understanding and Addressing Rusted Steel Post Bases in Residential and Small Commercial Structures

    Damp area   Damp area

    In residential and small commercial buildings, steel posts, also known as columns or stumps, are a common sight. They offer several advantages over traditional timber posts. However, the lack of proper maintenance can lead to rust and corrosion at the base of these steel posts, particularly in the case of external posts that support suspended floors, roofs, and decks.

    Corrosion is the natural enemy of steel. Over time, exposure to moisture, oxygen, and environmental elements can cause steel to rust. This rust weakens the steel, potentially jeopardizing the structural integrity of the entire building. Neglecting this issue can result in significant long-term structural problems, leading to costly rectification expenses and even posing serious safety concerns for occupants and passersby.

    Damp area   Damp area

    Early intervention and prompt action can make all the difference. Addressing rust in its early stages often involves cleaning the affected area back to its original state, commonly referred to as ‘bright steel,’ followed by the application of a suitable rust treatment product. In more severe cases, sections of the post may need to be cut and removed, or even the entire post replaced. This is why it’s crucial to seek professional engineering advice at the first signs of rust. A thorough assessment can help mitigate the need for expensive repairs in the future, potentially requiring engineering plans and appropriate certification.

    For expert guidance and assessment of your rusting steel posts, we recommend reaching out to Booth Engineers and Associates Pty Ltd.

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