Booth Engineers & Associates offers our ‘Project Assistance’ package which is aimed at assisting our clients through the construction process from start to finish; obtaining relevant quotes from suitable contractors, making sure that quotes have reasonable allowances and expected contingencies, and that all relevant paperwork, inspections and approvals have been catered for during the construction process. A fee proposal for Project Assistance can be provided once a suitable engineering design has been developed for the rectification works that you require (e.g. underpinning, concrete repair, damaged retaining wall etc).

    Below is an example project that our team has undertaken on behalf of a body corporate at West End, Brisbane:

    before during and after photos of the balcony repair

    1. Booth Engineers was engaged to undertake a preliminary report and inspection on a penthouse balcony in a multistorey residential building in West End, Brisbane. The body corporate had advised issues with pooling water and blocked drains throughout the balcony area.
    2. Our report concluded drainage issues, large pooling of water and insufficient falls to the suspended slab were the cause of the problems. Rectification works were required to the balcony.
      photos of pooling water at drain location

      Images showing pooling of water at drain locations.

    3. We were further engaged to create a detail scope of works for rectifications and our ‘Project Assistance’ package (our management package we offer – refer our article on Project Assistance for more details).
    4. Booth Engineers created a tender document and invited contractors to quote on the project. With constant correspondence with the body corporate and potential contractors, the body corporate elected to proceed with their chosen contractor.
    5. The contractor undertook the rectification works which included:
      1. Removed the existing tiles, bedding and defected waterproofing.
      2. Provided upgraded drainage, adequate falls, waterproofing and installed bedding and tiles.
      3. Booth Engineers undertook witness inspections throughout the duration of the works to monitor progress.
    6. Finally, Booth Engineers undertook a final site visit and ensured all parties were satisfied with the rectification works and issued a final close out letter for the body corporates future records.

    For expert guidance and assessment of your suspended balcony slabs, we recommend reaching out to Booth Engineers and Associates Pty Ltd.

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